7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend

7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend

7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend

7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend

One of the wonderful benefits of camping is having the opportunity to wind down, relax and allow our personal batteries to recharge.  So anything we can do that allows us to enjoy our well deserved down time, will be sure to improve & enhance our long weekend camping experience!  That’s where these 7 Little Tweaks that will be sure to Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend are a real life saver!

  1. Improve your nighttime lighting by reflection

Gazebos are so popular when camping nowadays and they have one real hidden gem that we can use to our benefit when lighting up our camp at night.  You see, the under side of the material on our gazebo roof tops is painted silver and is ideal for reflecting light and spreading it more evenly throughout your undercover area.  In particular, if you’re using LED strip lighting, simply shine it upwards & let the silver do its ‘reflecting’ work for you.  It also alleviates the issue of LED light being too bright in our eyes and making for a much more enjoyable camping experience. Such a simple little tweak! 

7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend
  1. Pre chill your ice box… the ice will last longer.

Camping for long weekends, means you need to get the best out of your icebox and have your ice last longer.  One of the best ways to improve this is by pre chilling your ice box with a bag of ice 24 hours before you head off camping.  The ice, pulls all of the warmth out of your ice box walls & cools the air inside. A hot ice box quickly melts your ice which you probably have noticed.  Once the ice box is pre chilled, put in a fresh new bag of ice when you’re ready to go & you will dramatically improve the longevity of your long weekend ice. (Handy hint: Those of you with the luxury cold rooms, place your icebox inside 24 hours before leaving and this will do the same job).

  1. Take an R.D.O & make an already long weekend even longer

This is a small pre organised tweak that has endless benefits for you & your family’s long weekend camping trip.  Extending an already long weekend even further with your owed R.D.O (Rostered Day Off) is a no brainer. That extra day off is sure to reboot your mind and body, ensuing you return to work & home life full of much needed energy.

  1. Reverse your solar shower

Here’s a simple tweak that a lot of people have never been told with regards to using their solar shower,   face the clear side up, not the black side!  I was appropriately educated by an elderly fellow who had grown up in the bush many moons ago, and I vividly remember him explaining to me that it’s the sun that heats the water, not the black material…. the black material simply holds the heat once it's warm!  Not only will the water get warmer over all, it will warm up more quickly. 

Outdoor Connection Solar Shower
  1. Remote control lighting 

How’s this for a small tweak to transform your Long weekend camping trip; get yourself an LED strip light that has a remote control option.  It’s a game changer for making life easier!  No need to get up in the middle of the night with a torch if you hear something outside… simply use the remote control from beside your bed to turn on the light.  Maybe it’s even while you’re sitting around the campfire & you want to dim the lighting under your annex area - no need to get up, just use the LED strip light remote control stored in your front left trouser pocket…. the built in dimmer is worth its weight in gold!  It’s such a simple little gadget that makes life easier!

Remote Control LED Light Strip

  1. Bring the bikes!

There is nothing like transforming your long weekend camping experience like watching your kids have the time of their lives…. outdoors!  In a world that has a current health epidemic that’s partly being driven off the back of kids stuck inside in front of technology, it’s such a pleasure to see our loved ones bucking that trend.  Bringing your kids bikes when camping for a long weekend, improves their physical health immensely, almost always connects them with other kids camping (does wonders for their social skills) and can’t help it aid in giving them a good nights sleep (all that energy used during the day.).  It’s such a small added tweak, with exemplary benefits received for all!

7 Little Tweaks That Will Transform Your Life When Camping on a Long Weekend
  1. Packing away your dome tent made easier

Here’s a little tweak that will make life easier with the part of camping we enjoy the least….  rolling up & packing away the dome tent into its carry bag!   If you fold the outer fly, poles & inner screen tent section away together as one, (rather than 3 separately rolled sections), you will find it more compact in size & therefore will fit into the carry bag a little easier.  We do this by spreading the exterior fly out inside the inner screen tent section before we collapse it, & once collapsed, we roll the dome tent up around the bag of poles.  It’s only a small tweak…. but geeze it makes life easier after a long camping weekend getaway. 

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