Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

It’s a little over a month left for Australia Day, and as one of the first celebrations of the new decade, this year’s event must have some special significance. So, what are you thinking of doing with your family to make this day special? In case you don’t have anything specific planned (well, actually, even if you do!) you can always choose to celebrate the national holiday with a camping trip.

Camping trips are always special in the sense that they not only bring you closer to nature and family, they also let one have quite communes with oneself…far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Camping lets you get lost in the wilderness, and in the process, you find your innermost self.

However, one of the most troubling facts that often bug family campers is what to do during the camping trips? How do you spend time apart from hiking and telling stories by the campfire? On top of that, if you go camping on Australia Day you need to commemorate your trip with something special.

Therefore, to help you gear up for the coming festivities, here’s a list of the top 5 activities that you can indulge in while on a camping trip on Australia Day.

Get Hooked On An Aussie Barbecue 

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

There’s nothing that speaks to celebrating Australia than a well-done steak on the BBQ board! And an Australia Day camping trip is the perfect occasion to bring out the kit and try it on for size with some fresh meat.

What’s more, a barbecue can be a great place to get the family together and celebrate the spirit of the first pioneers when they landed on the shores down under.

Just remember to bring along your BBQ kit for the ride; it’ll be better if you are carrying a foldable variant, as these can save on the space required in the car. What’s more, make sure that if you are camping in the woods, you use fire responsibly; and if you are bringing your kids, then be certain they remain safe and secure at all times while the adults cook up the meal.

All in all, a barbecue during Australia Day camping trip can be a great occasion to celebrate the nation as well as your own family.

Explore What Nature Has To Offer

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

In our quest to win at the game of life, we often overlook the most important part of our existence: Nature. We are as much a part of nature as anything else on this Earth and Australia has a bountiful of natural wonders to explore.

And if you come to think about it, exploring nature doesn’t mean you have to stare at the trees all day and sigh in melancholic tones. Nature spotting can actually be rather fun! You can go bird watching and take stock of the nearby winged life; or if you are one of the many nature gatherers then you can start adding to your collection from the rocks, pine cones, and flowers that are sure to abound in the camping area.

While on the trip you can also tag the kids along, and teach them the importance of nature through activities such as nature photography, bug collecting and picking safe berries to eat. Just make sure to keep everyone close, and return to the campsite before darkness sets in.

Indulge In Some Sporty Fun

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

Camping trips can be great occasions to get on your feet and exercise those rusty muscles.  If you want to stay active and healthy this Australia Day, then consider taking the time to play some outdoor games. You can play badminton, throw a round of Frisbee or even just play catch.

And in case you are a cricket-freak, don’t forget to bring along your kit for a fun match in the backyard or beach. (Rules below)

You can also indulge in other outdoor activities such as playing catch, frisbee, volley ball, making sandcastles on the beach.

And if you want to bring out the child in you, you can also team up with your family members and play good old fashioned hide-and-seek. 

Backyard Cricket

What you need
at least 1 cricket bat
a few tennis balls (some might go missing)
2 sets of stumps (rubbish bins or upside buckets can be used).
Set the stumps up about 10 metres apart for older kids, or about 6 metres for littlies.

  • The batters stump is best put against a fence if in a backyard.
  • If just two players, choose your batter and a bowler.
  • If more, your bowlers, two batters, and scatter the rest of the kids around to field the ball.
  • To avoid squabbles, make sure everyone gets a chance to both bat and bowl.
  • Backyard cricket is played just like normal cricket - but there are a few different rules to make it fair.

Extra rules:
Can't go out first ball - whoever's batting, they can't go out on the first ball (making it fairer for little ones).
'Tippity-run' - if the ball is hit even a little, the batters have to run.
'One hand - one bounce' - a fielder can catch the batter out with one hand, even after the tennis ball has bounced off a fence or wall.
Any wicket out - the batter can be knocked out if either stump is hit.
'Six and out' - if the ball is hit over the fence/ house they are awarded six runs - but are also out (this is where the extra balls come in handy).
No LBW's (Leg Before Wicket) - it's too tricky and starts arguments - unless Dad wants to umpire.
Automatic runs - pick certain spots in the backyard (like the side of a shed or a fence) and award a certain number of automatic runs to anyone who can hit them.
Last one out - the very last batter can keep on going by themselves until caught out.

Look At The Stars

Top 5 Things To Do During Australia Day While Camping

You can end the day’s celebrations with a relaxing round of stargazing. After all, the sky never ceases to amaze us, and after a day of fun and frolic, it would be wise to let your hair down and indulge in a relaxing activity.

What’s more, this can be a great occasion to acquaint the kids with the important celestial bodies and constellations; not only can this be educational, it can even spark the interest of some budding astronauts! Just as the founders set foot on this continent to explore, maybe a young one will be inspired to take to the skies and venture further.


These are some of the top things we’d like to do during Australia Day. Do these activities match your interests, you maybe you have something else in mind? Do let us know more. And be sure to indulge in safe celebrations that result in no harm to life or nature. Keep your first aid kit close, and be certain to keep an eye on the young ones. 

But above all, have a very lively day keeping true to the Aussie spirit. Happy Australia Day!


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