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Outdoor Connections “air poles” have bladders of tough high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which has excellent tear resistance and flexibility and are enclosed within “Dura Sleeve” bonded poly 300 fabric. Simply pump up the poles with high volume hand pump and watch the tent quickly erect itself. Air Ridge poles* are then added to provide additional stability. Air pole replace traditional poles and when pumped up to 8-10psi they form a string and stable pole structure. The air pole has an oversized internal TPU bladder which is flexible with good stretch characteristics. The outer sleeve is made of strong PE tarp material with an outer polyester layer which is very strong and gives protection and shape to the pole.

The Adventure Air does not require air ridge poles due to its compact size

Ventraflow panels at the bottom of both sides of the tent allow a cross flow of air down low where you sleep. Australian summer nights can be hot and humid so fresh air where you are sleeping is essential. There isn’t much point in having the limited fresh air drifting in through windows that are too high to be of direct benefit. Ventraflow panels have internal privacy screens so you can adjust the air flow without having to go outside and adjust the external window covers. 

 Ventraflow external covers can be pegged out so that you can have fresh air even while it is raining. These external covers are gusseted giving extra rain protection as well as protecting the tent from over-stress as the covers are pegged out. Ventraflow, in conjunction with large windows and doors, provides unparalleled ventilation for your comfort.

G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm just going to talk to you a little bit today about our power cord access points on our tents. It's just a simple little zippered pocket down here at the corner of the tent. You can bring a power cord or a 12-volt lead all the way through and just plug it in there. So I've plugged this into one of our 240 to 12-volt converters and we've plugged in our LED light bar kit. So the leads can go up and we've got these little velcro tabs that can go around the cord just just to keep it in place, they go up the side to the corner of the tent across over to the middle. Here we've got our switch and our light bar hooked in. So this little hole here is for the power cord to go through into the next room. So in all our multi room tents there's at least one power cord access in each room. This is a Bedarra tent, there's one in the front room and one over in the back that we just looked at. This is the power cord access from outside, it's a little flap over the zip just to keep any moisture out of the zip and as you can see it zips right up around the cord that keeps the bugs out, bugs and other little animals.

Hi, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection, today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the large windows in our tents. All our windows have window covers over them, so that gives you privacy screens for if you just want to get changed, you can adjust them for how much air comes through, so you can unzip them a little way, tuck them over like that, so you've got a bit of ventilation, or you can go all the way down to the bottom. It can be rolled up and clipped in there, or you can do what I do, roll them up a little bit and then just zip up a couple of inches. So you can see, you've got full ventilation with mesh all the way from here right up to the roof.

Okay, so now we're on the outside and you can see how large the window is, this is on the Bedarra tent with nice big large windows. Down the bottom here we have our Ventraflow panels, this one's pegged out at the moment and that gives you that Ventraflow, cross flow of ventilation down low. I just want to mention about the shape of the windows too, I have seen on some other brands of tents where the windows come down like that, and the flap, the rain cover over the zip, is still on the window cover, to me, that gives potential for it to leak through the zips. The rain can come down there run underneath you zip covers, and then through your zips .

So another little feature that we have is these little tabs on the bottom of the windows. That allows you to tie an extra guy rope to it and peg it out. So these guys aren't supplied, but they're easy just to tie a cup of guy ropes to it, and then it can be pegged out like this. So the benefit of this is, it still allows ventilation, but gives you some privacy and if it's raining and not too heavy and not blowing you can leave it it out in the rain. So this shows how the covers can actually be r

The Omega door is a large ’round’ door with two slides. As a result, the door can be opened or closed from any position. This allows the privacy screen to be zipped from the floor upwards on both sides so that you can regulate the flow of air into the tent. As a result of the Omega design the door, either or both the mesh screen and the privacy panel can be easily neatly folded away in a small pocket low down to the side. No more doors hanging untidily and in the way! The Omega door also means that more of the panel can be the door that can be opened to provide better ventilation than normal ‘D’ or ‘T’ Doors.

G'day I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm going talk to you today a little bit about our Omega doors. We call them an Omega door, because it's sort of in the shape of an Omega symbol. The doors can be opened from either side, which is a good benefit, especially at night if you want to open the doors. This just makes it easy from opening it up and either side. So the Omega doors all have privacy screens on them so they could be unzipped leaving a mesh screen there to give you the ventilation through these large doors. The cover is very easy to roll up just pick it roll it up, zip it down a bit more, and drop it into this little storage pocket. So that's a lot quicker and easier than having to roll up a tent door.

Durafine No-see-um mesh
On Outdoor Connection tents, doors and windows are made as large as possible to ensure maximum ventilation and feature no-see-um mesh (a very fine mesh) to keep the smallest of bugs out. The quality of this mesh is therefore critical as this mesh constitutes a ‘weak point’ in any tent.

So what does Durafine actually?
‘Dura’ as in Durable – the thread of the mesh must be strong. The large areas of windows and doors would be particularly vulnerable to damage if the thread is not strong. The mesh thread must also remain strong through time. The UV light causes the breakdown of any fabric over time. This particularly applies to mesh thread. Additives must be added in the manufacturing process to improve the resistance to UV degradation. Again this costs ‘real’ money so it is often neglected by many manufacturers because it is not a visible characteristic of the tent.

''fine' refers to both the fineness of the mesh thread and the density (count) of the thread in the mesh. The best mesh will have densely packed very fine thread so that midges (sandlies, no-see-ums) cannot get through the mesh.

Again this ‘best’ mesh is expensive so, if you look closely, there are quite a few cheap variations that ‘sort of’ do the job ‘for a while’

Outdoor Connection – Quality you can see feel and trust

‘see?’ – not always. Some quality characteristics of tens are hidden and don’t become apparent until after you have used a product for a while. So you have to choose a brand you can trust!

G;day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about our Durafine No-See-Um mesh that we use on all the doors and windows of our tents. We're calling it Durafine because there's two things:Dura, meaning durable strong fibres that resist tear and wear and also fine meaning a very fine thread and very fine holes. Many people believe the term No-See-Um means it's difficult to see through the mesh, this is not true. The term No-See-Um is a word that the Americans use for describing what we call midges, tiny little insects that'll bite. The beauty of this mesh is it's migdie proof, the holes are small enough to stop the smallest of bugs getting in. As you can see this Durafine No-See-Um mesh is used on all our doors and windows including the room divider. This gives you an extra layer protection in your bedroom area.

Omega doors unzip all the way around to one point and can conveniently be stuffed into pockets for easy storage. Window privacy screens can also be stowed in this manner on a number of models.

Door Locks Features

Internal clips on all doors clip the zipper tags together locking the door on the inside. A combination lock is provided to lock a door when you leave the tent. Door locks five added security at night when you leave your tent, and are unique to Outdoor Connection.

G'day I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about our door locks on our tents. So on all our doors we have these little tags with a green clip on it so it just clips on there like that and that through the loops on the zips and now the zip can't be undone. So the benefit of this is that you can actually lock your tent up at night to give you a bit more security, and if you've got little ones it can stop them escaping. So when you leave your tent if you have all the other doors locked, the one you leave, you can just use this little combination padlock that we supply to lock the tent when you leave. We know someone could still break into the tent using a knife but that's a lot more obvious than someone just unzipping a tent, and it's a deterrent from people breaking into your tent.

Guy Rope Pockets

All guy ropes are pre-tied to the tent and some models feature zippered pockets to store the guy ropes when not in use.

Transcript: G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm going to talk today about our guy rope pockets. So our guy ropes are stored in these zippered little pockets, comes out like that. So this is your guy right point where it attaches to the tent, what we've also got in here is a piece of PE tarp material, and that actually gives more strength to that point and then your guy rope gets pegged down from there. All our premium tents have these guy rope pockets at the top of the poles. Just a little tip, remember to make sure that the guy ropes are completely dry before you pack them away. Otherwise you run the risk of getting mildew on your tent.

Hybrid Poles

The Hybrid Pole system consist of steel upright poles, an ABC plastic elbow and fiberglass poles over the top of the tent. This allows taller and straighter walls which gives more headroom and internal space. It is also much stronger than traditional designs.

Hornet Pole System

The Hornet Pole System consists of a centre ridge pole and 4, 6 or 8 upright ribs. This pole structure is easy to erect and provides excellent strength and stability. The bent features in the side poles allow near vertical side walls which give excellent internal space and headroom throughout.

Three Pole Awning

The Three Pole Awning is a great innovation unique to Outdoor Connection dome tents. Using a three pole awning attached to a dome tent means that the middle pole forms a ridge line along the awning allowing rain that is falling on the awning to run off to the sides. During wet weather you can leave the awning fully erect. No more cooped up inside just because of a bit of rain. You can comfortably sit or stand under the awning while enjoying the freshness that comes with nature’s great rejuvenator.

The awning is skilfully cut so that there are no sag points and an awning tightening strap ensures no sag that would normally naturally occur where the awning joins the tent.

Add in one or two awning side walls and you have a great outdoor space that provides both comfortable shade and shelter over an area that can measure up to 5.7 x 2.3 Meters.

Pole Sleeves

A combination of pole sleeves and clips are used on the larger tents. Pole sleeves are used to spread the weight evenly along the seams and poles. It also results in a stronger structure and more resistance to strong winds.

Storage Pockets Feature

G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the gear pockets in our tents.All our Resort Range tents and our Air Pole tents have two of these pockets in each corner. The pockets are quite large you can fit a magazine with your glasses, things like phone, keys, wallet and a torch so it's easy to find atnight. All those little things that can go missing in the tent you.

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The Outdoor Connection Dog Beds are simple in construction using a strong 16mm hammertone powder coated steel frame and durable 600 Denier polyester cover with a PVC coating. The dog bed mat has been reinforced with cross webbing under to provide maximum support for your pooch. 


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Outdoor Connection Executive Directors Chair is comfortable, strong steel framed Directors Chair with a waterproof Side Table. Side pockets for keys, glasses and phones complete the convenience of this chair. With a wide padded seat and high padded back, the Executive Directors Chair provides comfort for all, in an upright seating position. With a powder coated steel frame and double layer 600D cover the Outdoor Connection Executive Directors Chair will provide a comfortable chair for many years.

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