100 Denier Hicount Fabric With UV-Protek

100D HiCount

Heavy strong thread and the high density thread count is essential for both the strength of the fabric and the degree of natural resistance to water. The 100D 100 Denier thread weight used in the fabric gives superior strength, durability and resistance to damage. The HiCount refers to the number of threads per inch.  The combination of these two factors largely governs the weight of the fabric.

Outdoor Connection 100D HiCount gives the best of both these characteristics to create a strong, durable, robust tent fly.  You can feel the difference.

The premium quality of 100D fabric is enhanced by our Duraproof waterproof coating.  This is a special (more expensive!) coating that resists abrasion and loss of Waterhead rating as the tent is used, folded and unfolded over the years.  You bought and paid for MINIMUM 3000 mm Waterhead coating so, after years of use, that will still be your the Waterhead of the fly of the tent.

UV-Protek treatment gives unparalleled protection from deterioration due to the sun’s UV damage. There is little point in having a high Waterhead coating on a tent fly if the sun is going to destroy both the coating and the fabric in quick time. Outdoor Connection researched the available UV stabiliser additives and chosen the best for our fabric.  Again these additives are expensive so they are not included other brands of tents.