Why do airbeds deflate?

There is nothing worse than waking in the middle of the night on a deflated air bed.  The most common cause of punctures is over-inflation.  An air bed that has been pumped up until it is very hard will have a lot of pressure on the seams especially when 1 or 2 people lie on it.  An air bed should only be pumped up to a point where you can push down in the middle of the bed and nearly touch the ground.  This sounds like it would not be firm enough but by the time 1 or 2 people lie on it is very comfortable.

The air inside an airbed can also expand and contract with changes in the temperature.  So if you have pumped up your bed very hard and then leave it in the hot tent all day the increase in pressure from the expanded air can be enough to split a seam.  This can also explain why a bed seems to go down a little at night.  It is the cold air contracting thereby reducing the pressure inside the bed so you may need to add some air.

Outdoor Connection airbeds are made with a heavier gauge PVC than many other beds which makes the seams stronger.

Why is my tent is leaking?

It is likely that your tent is not leaking.  This is normally due to condensation resulting from a difference in temperature between the inner and outside of the tent.  The best way to prevent this is to increase the ventilation inside the tent.

My Zipper has come apart

Move the slider back to the beginning of the zipper tape and rework the zipper.

How do I make sure my fibreglass poles don’t break?

The most common cause of fibreglass poles breaking is that the pole has not been fully inserted into the metal ferrule. As you are erecting your tent make sure you check each one a couple of times as they can move slightly.  If the poles are not fully inserted into the ferrule there will be an excess strain on the pole when it forms the frame.

Can I cook inside my tent?

NO.  DO NOT COOK OR USE ANY APPLIANCE THAT CREATES HEAT INSIDE OR NEAR YOUR TENT.  If you are wanting to use light inside your tent make sure it is a battery powered light as these do not generate heat.

How do I prevent getting mould on my new tent?

DO NOT put your tent away wet or damp.  Should you accidentally do so, use a soft clean cloth and water to try and remove the mouldy area.

The shock cord of my pole has broken

You are able to repair this yourself.  There are pole accessory kits available in most camping stores.  Simply take out the old shock cord then put all the poles together so you know the entire length of the fibreglass pole.  Cut the shock cord into a length that is approximately ¾ the length of the pole.  Feed the shock cord through the poles and tie off each end.

Can I use Insect Spray inside my tent?

NO. Using any aerosol spray inside your tent has the potential to damage the waterproofing of your tent.