Getting out camping with quality gear is important and so is having quality meals. We have got our favourite entrees, mains, and desserts that are a must every time we head out into the great outdoors. So, get your camping chefs’ hat and spatula, and let’s cook up a storm in the camp kitchen    

Camping Ice Cream

Our camping cones are fantastic but paired with our famous Ziplock bag ice cream they become a hot summer day favourite everyone will love.

Campfire Pizza Roll

Bring a bit of Italy to your next camping trip with our Campfire Pizza Roll. With a thick pizza crust, delicious mozzarella cheese, and your selection of mouth-watering toppings this camping dinner will be one to remember.

Fire-grilled Camp Sandwich

Crispy!! Juicy!! Flavorsome!! This is what awaits anyone who tastes our Flame Grilled Camp Sandwich. With melted cheese, delicious spinach, and your favourite mouth-watering fillings, nothing can beat this camping family favourite.

Campfire Cones

Imagine mini marshmallows and strawberries covered in delicious chocolate, whether that be white, dark, or milk - whatever your heart desires. Now picture that in a flame-grilled crispy waffle cone, it’s the perfect dessert for when you are around the fire with family.

Campfire Spinach Dip

Who doesn’t love a good chip and dip when entertaining family, but when you heat up that spinach dip and throw in some sizzling bacon, stretchy mozzarella cheese and scoop it up with slices of a baguette it makes it 1000 times better.

Chocolate Pastry Surprise

Ever wanted to experience a fluffy, buttery, and chocolatey pastry that rivals that of the best bakeries in the world? Well, our Surprise Chocolate Pastry is just that! So, grab your camping bakers’ mitts, and let’s whip up a pasty surprise.