Air Pole Technology

Outdoor Connections “air poles” have bladders of tough high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which has excellent tear resistance and flexibility and are enclosed within “Dura Sleeve” bonded poly 300 fabric. Simply pump up the poles with high volume hand pump and watch the tent quickly erect itself. Air Ridge poles* are then added to provide additional stability.
Air pole replace traditional poles and when pumped up to 8-10psi they form a string and stable pole structure. The air pole has an oversized internal TPU bladder which is flexible with good stretch characteristics. The outer sleeve is made of strong PE tarp material with an outer polyester layer which is very strong and gives protection and shape to the pole.

*The Adventure Air does not require air ridge poles due to its compact size

Let's hear what Sandy, our General Manager, got to say about Air Pole Technology.