Camping Gear or just Landfill?

Outdoor Connection is VERY conscious of the mountain of waste that we, as a nation, create.  So often we see reports of waste bins and skips full of discarded camping gear that is broken, often on first use, and left discarded at campsites. It’s all just needless waste.

At Outdoor Connection, we go to the effort and expense of making our products to a higher specification and we have instituted quality control procedures to ensure that our products meet those specifications.  We make every effort to make products that provide great VALUE and that will LAST to provide you with many years of great enjoyment and reward - out in the great outdoors!

Over the years we, at Outdoor Connection, have watched products be made to lower and lower specification while still described the same.  It’s pretty standard throughout the industry to

  • cut a MM or three off the wall thickness of steel or aluminium tube in the gazebo
  • cut a MM or two off the wall thickness of the steel tube in the chair
  • cut the weight of the chair fabric by 10 or 30%
  • cut the weight of tent cloth or Gazebo cover by 10%, 30%or even 60%
  • Overstate the waterproofing of the shelter fabric – who will know until there is heavy rain???
  • cut the weight of PE in a tarpaulin by 10%, 20% 30% while still describing it the same.
  • cut a mm or two of board thickness off the bench top or the camping table.  
  • cut the weight of the air bed fabric and make the air bed 10% lighter and less strong.
  • Cut the weight and specification of the sleeping bag materials – to misrepresent the temperature ratings!
  • NOT include UV stabilizing chemicals in the tent cloths and tarpaulin fabrics – these things cost EXTRA but without them, the product soon ends up as suitable only for the bin.
  • Etc! etc! etc!

Outdoor Connection is proud of its reputation as a supplier of a consistently reliable quality product – not a landfill.  Join us to cut back on waste

Outdoor Connection – Quality you can see feel and trust.