Durafine No-See-Um Mesh

Durafine No-see-um mesh

On Outdoor Connection Tents, doors and windows are made as large as possible to ensure maximum ventilation and feature no-see-um mesh (a very fine mesh) to keep the smallest of bugs out.  The quality of this mesh is therefore critical as this mesh constitutes a ‘weak point’ in any tent.

So what does Durafine actually?

‘Dura’ as in Durable – the thread of the mesh must be strong. The large areas of windows and doors would be particularly vulnerable to damage if the thread is not strong. The mesh thread must also remain strong through time.  The UV light causes the breakdown of any fabric over time.  This particularly applies to mesh thread. Additives must be added in the manufacturing process to improve the resistance to UV degradation.  Again this costs ‘real’ money so it is often neglected by many manufacturers because it is not a visible characteristic of the tent.

‘fine’ refers to both the fineness of the mesh thread and the density (count) of the thread in the mesh.  The best mesh will have densely packed very fine thread so that midges (sandlies, no-see-ums) cannot get through the mesh.

Again this ‘best’ mesh is expensive so, if you look closely,  there are quite a few cheap variations that ‘sort of’ do the job ‘for a while’

Outdoor Connection – Quality you can see feel and trust

‘see?’ – not always.  Some quality characteristics of tens are hidden and don’t become apparent until after you have used a product for a while. So you have to choose a brand you can trust!