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Guy Rope Pockets

Guy Rope Pockets

All guy ropes are pre-tied to the tent and some models feature zippered pockets to store the guy ropes when not in use.



G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm going to talk today about our guy rope pockets.

So our guy ropes are stored in these zippered little pockets, comes out like that. So this is your guy right point where it attaches to the tent, what we've also got in here is a piece of PE tarp material, and that actually gives more strength to that point and then your guy rope gets pegged down from there.

All our premium tents have these guy rope pockets at the top of the poles. Just a little tip, remember to make sure that the guy ropes are completely dry before you pack them away. Otherwise you run the risk of getting mildew on your tent.