Large Windows


Hi, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection, today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the large windows in our tents.

All our windows have window covers over them, so that gives you privacy screens for if you just want to get changed, you can adjust them for how much air comes through, so you can unzip them a little way, tuck them over like that, so you've got a bit of ventilation, or you can go all the way down to the bottom.

It can be rolled up and clipped in there, or you can do what I do, roll them up a little bit and then just zip up a couple of inches. So you can see, you've got full ventilation with mesh all the way from here right up to the roof.

Okay, so now we're on the outside and you can see how large the window is, this is on the Bedarra tent with nice big large windows. Down the bottom here we have our Ventraflow panels, this one's pegged out at the moment and that gives you that Ventraflow, cross flow of ventilation down low.

I just want to mention about the shape of the windows too, I have seen on some other brands of tents where the windows come down like that, and the flap, the rain cover over the zip, is still on the window cover, to me, that gives potential for it to leak through the zips. The rain can come down there run underneath you zip covers, and then through your zips .

So another little feature that we have is these little tabs on the bottom of the windows. That allows you to tie an extra guy rope to it and peg it out. So these guys aren't supplied, but they're easy just to tie a cup of guy ropes to it, and then it can be pegged out like this. So the benefit of this is, it still allows ventilation, but gives you some privacy and if it's raining and not too heavy and not blowing you can leave it it out in the rain. So this shows how the covers can actually be rolled up all together giving you full ventilation for those hot summer nights.