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Omega Doors

The Omega door is a large ’round’ door with two slides. As a result, the door can be opened or closed from any position.  This allows the privacy screen to be zipped from the floor upwards on both sides so that you can regulate the flow of air into the tent.  As a result of the Omega design the door, either or both the mesh screen and the privacy panel can be easily neatly folded away in a small pocket low down to the side.  No more doors hanging untidily and in the way!

The Omega door also means that more of the panel can be the door that can be opened to provide better ventilation than normal ‘D’ or ‘T’ Doors.


G'day I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm going talk to you today a little bit about our Omega doors.

We call them an Omega door, because it's sort of in the shape of an Omega symbol. The doors can be opened from either side, which is a good benefit, especially at night if you want to open the doors. This just makes it easy from opening it up and either side.

So the Omega doors all have privacy screens on them so they could be unzipped leaving a mesh screen there to give you the ventilation through these large doors. The cover is very easy to roll up just pick it roll it up, zip it down a bit more, and drop it into this little storage pocket. So that's a lot quicker and easier than having to roll up a tent door.