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Power Cord Access

Zippered power cord entry points allow cords to be neatly taken into the tent. Velcro tabs then take the lead to a light hook on the ceiling.


G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. I'm just going to talk to you a little bit today about our power cord access points on our tents. It's just a simple little zippered pocket down here at the corner of the tent. You can bring a power cord or a 12-volt lead all the way through and just plug it in there.

So I've plugged this into one of our 240 to 12-volt converters and we've plugged in our LED light bar kit. So the leads can go up and we've got these little velcro tabs that can go around the cord just just to keep it in place, they go up the side to the corner of the tent across over to the middle. Here we've got our switch and our light bar hooked in. So this little hole here is for the power cord to go through into the next room. So in all our multi room tents there's at least one power cord access in each room.

This is a Bedarra tent, there's one in the front room and one over in the back that we just looked at. This is the power cord access from outside, it's a little flap over the zip just to keep any moisture out of the zip and as you can see it zips right up around the cord that keeps the bugs out, bugs and other little animals.