Room Dividers


G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. Today I'm going to talk to you about the room dividers in a lot of our tents.

They're an Omega shaped door, which gives you a very large opening, and it can be opened up from either side. The room dividers are all mesh, but they do have a privacy screen as well, so that gives you obviously privacy, but gives you protection against some draughts as well.

When you're zipping the door up it's a good idea just to hold it up just to give it a bit of a hand. If you're finding there's a lot of tension on the zip in this area it means that you've pegged the fly out too wide. So if you move that the pegs in a little bit you'll probably alleviate that problem.

If you don't want to use the privacy screen you'll want to get that extra ventilation, it can't just be packed away simply. Zip it down to there roll it up and tuck it into the little pocket on the side there.

One of the other features of the room dividers is the little bottom section below the zip falls flush with the ground reducing the trip hazard.