3 Reasons Why You Should Go On That Family Camping Trip!

3 Reasons Why You Should Go On That Family Camping Trip!

Like you already needed a few reasons anyway? Right?!

 Well…whether you’re keen-campers or simply exploring something new for your family this summer, we want to tell you some of the greatest benefits that a tent in nature has to offer.

1. Body and Mind Reset 

When we reconnect with nature, we all notice the positive shifts in our moods but beyond that…what’s really happening?

According to ‘Camping in the Outdoors’, a study conducted by Kenneth, Andrew, Brian, Brandon, Thomas, & Evan (2013), our circadian clock resets in a nature-filled environment (Ali, 2020).

Basically, when we are kept away from artificial light for an extended period, our body clock’s start to rhythmically align with solar time. This allows our brains to relax, stabilize our moods and keep us feeling fresh in the mornings.

So, jump into nature with your family and find that therapeutic reset in your sleeping pattern. Outdoor Connection’s Aurora Sleeping Bags & Self Inflating Mattresses, can really make a difference when it comes to getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

Not only do the adults get a chance to unwind and reduce stress, but the kids also gain a great social benefit as studies further mention that adolescents are exposed to a wide variety of social support. There are no fences between tents. So, kids naturally interact and make friends with others. Of course, this means they interact with other parents and get to feel a general sense of ‘belonging’. This ultimately provides a stronger sense of protection and well-being to their overall mental health (Ali, 2020).

Have that family connection that we all want and need.

2. Disconnect from Mobile Technology

If you are taking the time to fully immerse yourself with nature, you may see it as an opportunity to disconnect from technology or, specifically, mobile phones.

Although technology will always have its necessary benefits in terms of navigation, meeting up with fellow campers and checking in with loved ones, camping allows us to just be present. In the now, we have the opportunity to slow down and authentically connect with our families in such a rapidly moving world.

According to research conducted by Dickinson, Hibbert & Filimonau on ‘Mobile technology and the tourist experience’ their findings on a survey of 100 campers stated that “50% of respondents consider camping a time to avoid mobile communication” (Dickinson, Hibbert & Filimonau, 2016).

With 50% of campers favouring disconnecting from mobile technology, it might be worthwhile to, at least, limit your own mobile interactions. Connecting with nature and your family will do wonders for your mental well-being. After all, great memories lie in the foundations of beautiful environments and what better way to connect than with your family relaxed around a campfire. The Daydreamer Lounger & Junior Camper Chairs are just made for such an occasion. Perfect!


3. Cost-Effective Holiday

Camping with the family can provide us with the best of holidays that is also easiest on the family budget however, a bit of planning and awareness can make a difference to how much we spend while making our holiday even better.

There are free sites in national parks to cost-friendly campsites ranging between an average of $35-65/night (Budget Camping, 2021). There are plenty of savings to be had. For a family getting out there, observing the sights and indulging a sense of adventure, is important for the bonding process. We can try to do that without breaking the family bank.

Through seeking beautiful wildlife destinations, the constant allurement of retail, especially with younger children on the scene, is taken out of the equation. The temptation to spend disappears while the appreciate of this beautiful world grows. There IS a wonderful world away from technology and shops.

As family campers ourselves we understand how easy it is to impulsively spend money with the kids. So a holiday budget can be important. Setting up a weekly budget and shopping list that optimises your food expenses is a worthwhile exercise. This particularly applies to lengthy trips across Australia or trips to more isolated locations. Not everything is available everywhere.

If you are looking for a nice family outing away from the campsite, but aren’t looking to drop too much coin, perhaps visiting local lunch cafés, or RSL’s with food specials might be an avenue to explore. On the other hand if you’re having a BBQ over the campfire, Outdoor Connection’s new Compact Camp Kitchen, Easy-as Stove Stand & Fortis Table were made for your family’s outdoor eating experience and convenience.

Outdoor Connection – “Quality you can see, feel & trust.”


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