A Campfire Chat With Peta

A Campfire Chat With Peta


Question: What's your favourite camping memory?


Probably my favourite memory is when we took our kids camping for the first time. We went to Bigriggen, (the) kids hadn't been before. We argued about putting up the tent, and I don't think my husband was much of a camper. I'd camped all my life, and I don't think he was much for a camper. So if he hears this, he might argue.



But the kids wanted to get involved. They loved it; they rode their bikes, played, looked for the possums, and cooked over the campfire and stuff. And to me, that was probably my favourite camping trip ever because we had started something, and my kids are in their mid to late 20s now, and they still go camping, and they still ask us if they can come camping with us. So for me, that's my favourite memory because it's been continual; it just hasn't stopped.


Question: What does Outdoor Connection represent?


I think it's a brand that stands for Family Values.

We very much try to make sure that anything that people are planning on doing in their camping trip is going to be hassle-free. You can go, you can set the tent up. Can't guarantee there might be arguments because you know, different situations. But, there are videos, there are instructions, there are air tents—where you don't have to put the fly on, you can do it yourself.



There's a variety of things to make your camping trip easy, special enjoyable, comfortable. I think that's much else you want to do when you go on a camping trip, set up, slide the fire, and enjoy.

Question: What features do you think quality camping products should have?


I think quality camping products should be durable and simple. you don't want anything too complicated. The technical side of things can be in the background, but it needs to be simple to use and durable.



Going camping and not having enough room or being too frustrated when you're putting things up, pulling them down, or trying to assemble them just sets the tone for a pretty measurable weekend or a holiday.


So I think it's important to have products that are easy to use, last a long time and that you can have confidence is a big thing once you've used it and you know it's going to work; there's no going back.


Question: Tell us a story about some problem you solved.


So, I had somebody contact me recently that's got some of our lumbar chairs, our old lumbar chairs. Before the new grey colour, they were classy looking red and blue. They are still using those chairs, but they needed replacement bags. That's all they needed! So, we were able to help them by supplying them with replacement bags, and the chairs are still going strong! That's a testament to the quality.


We haven't had the red and blue chairs for probably six or seven years? So, yeah I would say they'd probably be about seven years old. They travel around a lot. They obviously look after their product, which is wonderful to see. But, yeah, it was nice to have somebody comment on how sturdy they were and how reliable they were after all those years and all they needed was a new carry bag.


I had a gentleman contact us just recently who has one of our older model weekender tents. Our previous model had a door at the front and the rear. The new model has a door at the front and a gusseted window at the back. And, his fly had been misplaced. And he's probably had the tent for five or six years, and it was good for us to be able to say to him, "Yep! No problem. We have a fly. We can help you out with that and make your tent operational and functional again." So, he was very very pleased. He loves the tent,  it's always been very reliable for him. He just wanted to make sure he could keep using it, and now he can!

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