The Easy Instant Up Tent

The Easy Instant Up Tent

Sandy, the General Manager of Outdoor Connection, runs you through how to set-up and pack up the Easy Up Tents!

 Easy Up Tent Range

The Easy Up Dome Tents are an ideal tent for singles or couples on an overnight or weekend stay. The tents are lightweight, quick and very simple to use. Simply take The Easy Up Tent from the carry bag “pop” it open and then peg it out. 

  • Lightweight, ‘instant up’ and very simple to use.
  • Simply take the tent from the carry bag, “pop” it open, then peg it out.
  • Waterproofing is guaranteed with  2000mm+ waterhead on the outer fabric, heat tape sealed seams and 5000mm+ waterhead on the floor material.
  • Ventraflow panels and side windows maximise ventilation for those hot summer nights.


G'day, I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection and this is the Easy Up 3, from our Easy Up tent range.

Just a few pegs and you're set up for the night. The Easy Up range consists of the Easy Up 2, 3 & 4. The tents have large windows and they've got Ventraflow panels on both sides, which allows cool air to come through down low where you are sleeping at night.


This mesh door is good for closing it up and keeping the creepy crawlies out of your boots at night. The Easy Up tents are just as easy to fold up as they are to erect. First thing though, make sure your doors are open, that just allows the air to escape more easily.


Firstly, grab the pole from down the bottom there & join it to the next one. Keep doing that until you've got the whole tent folded like that.


Then we take it, tip it up and place it on the ground like that. Just remember to have this black strap at the bottom. Take the top and tuck it right down underneath and roll it over. 


Now you will see there are 2 circles. Push one down like that and the other one down on top. You can now pick it up, tuck the strap around just bring it up, clip it in, tighten it up a little and now it is ready to go in the carry bag.


You can see how compact the tents are once they've been packed away. That's it for the Easy Up 2, 3 & 4. Check out our website for lots of other products in our range, and happy camping!

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