9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring


  1. Sensory Overload.

Mother nature sure dishes up some incredible medicine when hiking! Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, human sensors are wired to soak up those amazing natural sights, sounds & smells. There’s now scientific evidence that time spent in mother nature lowers the heat rate - reduces blood pressure & our anxiety levels plummet. It  brings on a sensory overload & your mind, body & soul will love you for it!

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

  1. Health Risks Are Lower

The extreme heat of summer is yet to kick in & that makes the cooler temperature of spring a much safer time of year to hike. Snakes are less active as they are only just starting to wake from hibernation, fire hazards are usually reduced (notice I mentioned usually!), and the wild unpredictable weather patterns of summer (& Northern Australian wet season) hasn’t graced us with her presence as of yet. On a personal note, cooler spring weather also reduces our chance of sunburn, chafing and blisters as the likes of summer.   

  1. Comfortable Weather

Spring weather is mild. The days give us a glimpse and  taste of summer, and the nights can still be refreshingly cool in temperature.  It’s the perfect time of year where we get to enjoy a refreshing swim during the day & a warm fire at night. It’s just a beautiful time of year to be out hiking in the wilderness!

  1. Spring, A Twitchers Paradise

The Australian bird life comes alive in spring and it’s a twitchers (bird watcher) paradise. As the days start to warm up,  mum & dad are out hunting for tucker, and as twitchers we’re the lucky beneficiaries of watching & hearing the first seasons newborns come to life. If you’re an avid bird watcher, there is no better time to be hiking that spring!

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

  1. Choose Your Climate

Australia is so large in size, and in springtime the climate can be so vastly diverse it creates a hikers 'Garden of Eden'. From the cool weather microclimates of snow capped mountains of southern Tasmania, right through to the humId heat of HInchinbrook Island of Northern Queensland, the options for the type of climate you wish to hike in are endless. We’re just so lucky to have it all at our doorstep and we’re so lucky to be able to choose the hike experience we wish to partake in…. get out there & enjoy it!

  1. Mesmerising Wildflowers

As the spring season starts to kick in & progress, the temperature starts to rise and we’ll start to see the spring wildflowers become visible. An explosion of colour presents itself, and the worlds hardest workers, our bee’s, become highly active, bringing blankets of native wildflowers springing to life!  If you’re a nature lover and you love hiking, you’ll think all your Christmases have come at once! What an amazing time to be enjoying the Australian landscape. 

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

  1. Photographers Paradise

In Spring, Australia’s fertile grazing ground comes alive with increased wildlife activity and it’s a photographers paradise. Getting up close and as personal as possible becomes a lot easier in spring. Having your camera handy when hiking is a no brainer in spring, and you’re bound to come home this time of year with the most colourful images mother nature can dish up!  

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

  1. Crowds Are Limited

In Australia, spring is the time of year where kids sport is coming to an end, footy finals are on television, and those that are involved in small business busily start gearing up ready for the summer trading period. The upside to this is that a lot people are busy at home and crowds can be limited in your local camping & adventure parks. If you like seclusion, time on your own and hiking without the crowds, then you might just find yourself the freedom of pitching your hike tent & spending the night all by yourself. For many of us, this is pure bliss when enjoying mother nature!

  1. Less To Carry 

Whilst it may not always be the case, spring in most areas of Australia brings on warmer weather, and the upside to this is less gear to carry. Having the luxury of leaving your heavy & bulky winter weather adventure gear at home, means you’re carrying less. Not only is your hike pack lighter in weight, it’s also more compact to carry, and this most definitely will give you loads more energy to enjoy a more fruitful spring adventure experience. 

9 Great Reasons To Love Hiking In Spring

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