7 Real Life Lesson's About Camping On Fathers Day

7 Real Life Lesson's About Camping On Fathers Day

Being a camping father of two young ones myself, I jumped at the thought of writing a blog that might help all the young kids out there make camping on Father’s Day a real treat for their dad! Making dads camping weekend as relaxing, comfortable & stress free will send your dad into utopia - he will love you for it!  

  1.  Dads love to sleep in.

There is nothing better for dad than knowing he doesn’t have to get up for work & that he can wake up when he wants. Even better for dad, is having the world’s best sleep on the world’s best camping mattress!  Sleeping in could be good but it is also great to be up early and enjoy the morning with the kids.

  1.  Fresh morning coffee or tea to start the day

Dads loved to be spoilt and one of the things we enjoy on a daily basis is a fresh hot cup of tea or coffee in a quality mug.  Now I don’t know what it is & I can’t put a finger on it, but having a billy tea boiled over the fire…. gets dads excited.

  1.  Breakfast of champions

This is so simple…. Pull out the camping gas Stove & bbq plate & cook dad the best crispy Bacon - eggs he’s ever dreamed of. Top of with fresh flame cooked toast & he’ll think all his dreams have come at once. All this & the day has just started! But if he’s like me, I bet he ends up cooking anyway…

  1.   Take Dad Fishing

A great way to relax and enjoy the scenery while spending some meaningful bonding time with the kids.  Enjoy some quality family time in the outdoors relaxing by the water, maybe the kids could even learn to bait your hook ;)   Remember fishing isn’t just about catching fish!

Take the gear in the handy hauler??

  1.  Relax with a book or his favourite magazine

Give Dad a bit of ‘me’ time, relaxing in a hammock or his Mallee camp chair and reading a book or his favourite magazine. An hour or so to himself to chill out and unwind (he might just be up for that game of footy or tag after a rest )

  1.  A hearty roast dinner

There’s an old wives tale ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!’  Dads love a hot cooked roast and even better, they love it when it’s cooked in a camp oven over the hot coals of a camp fire. Fresh roast potatoes, carrot and pumpkin and a tender meat that falls off the bone (don’t forget the gravy!). 

  1. Sitting around the campfire with his family

Help Dad find kindling and place the wood and light the campfire together. Dad can then relax around the fire in his favourite camping chair while spending time talking with his family, the only way to help dad finish off an amazing Father’s Day.   (Oh by the way kids….. jumping in to bed early could maybe improve it a notch. Some quiet time to relax would top it off a treat!)

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