Chocolate Pastry Surprise

Chocolate Pastry Surprise

Ever wanted to experience a fluffy, buttery, and chocolatey pastry that rivals that of the best bakeries in the world? Well, our Surprise Chocolate Pastry is just that! So, grab your camping bakers’ mitts, and let’s whip up a pasty surprise.



  • Pastry
  • Block of your chocolate (recommend ‘Favourites’ cut in half so they are of a good size and there is a variety of different chocolates in there).



      • Cut pastry paper into medium size squares

      • Place your favorite chocolates inside

      • Fold the pastry in half over the chocolate and push around the outside using a fork, to add texture and seal it closed

      • Coat in a thin layer of beaten eggs

      • Place in the camp oven for 15-30 minutes depending on the heat.


          And there you have it chocolate pastry surprise – enjoy!

          Recipe from Emma Douglas
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