Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Dome Tent


The Outdoor Connection Galaxy is truly Australia’s premium quality family tent designed to maximise the enjoyment of your family holiday.  The Galaxy offers space ‘out of this world’ with three extra-large rooms and high roofline running the full length of the tent.   The whole family can have that ‘fling your arms out and breathe in feeling’  - all at the same time!  Over-large windows and doors on every side of every room lets you have that ‘fresh air’ coolness on warm summer nights.

The Galaxy Hybrid Square Pole System, with a square centre structure, makes this large tent very strong and stable while also being very simple, quick and easy to erect.

Feel secure with 

  • the best Australian design for Australian conditions – designed by Australian camping families FOR Australian camping families.
  • highest quality waterproofing
  • superb space and ventilation
  • the best and strongest quality materials and sewing threads
  • quality manufacturing – the best sewing workmanship available anywhere.

Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Dome Tent

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Outdoor Connection – Quality you can see feel and trust

Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Dome Tent

Three Room Family Dome Tent for families of EVERY size

The Galaxy three room family tent that is the most spacious family tent available with all the best in manufacturing quality and Australian design to ensure your family holiday is as secure, as good, and as fun as you could wish for.


  • Floor Size: 720(L) x 305(W) x 215 (Height) cms. (Internal Measurement) 
  • Width stays at 305 cms over the full length - no tapering at the ends
  • Height of 215 cms applies the whole length of the tent.  The higher the tent roof over the whole tent – the cooler the tent!  
  • Eave Size: 516(L) x 220(W) x 167 (Height at eave of internal dividing walls)
  • Side walls are near vertical and high giving plenty of ‘walk-around’ space inside the tent with lots of headroom. A tall person can almost stand upright in the CORNER!
    • Galaxy Hybrid Square Pole System, ‘easy to erect’ makes this extra-large tent quick, simple and easy to erect.  The square centre pole structure guarantees maximum stability.  Sleeves hold the fibreglass rib poles at the top of the tent – distributing weight evenly and minimising movement in the wind.  Steel side poles serve to make side walls near vertical while adding strength and stability in the wind.
    • Large Three Pole awning at each end that can be left erected during the rain.
    • All-round continuous awning can be formed by unpegging the side walls and zipping together to the end three pole awning. This configuration requires the 4 adjustable steel awning poles supplied plus 14 additional poles.

    Rooms each 305 (W) x 240(L) cms 

    • Walls, near-vertical,  maximise internal space providing lots of ‘walk-around’ headroom not found in any other brand of tent. Each end bedroom has large Side Windows providing cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. A large Omega screened door at each end of the tent, and the same for internal doors, round off your all-around comfort.
    • Middle room, also a full 305(W) x 240 (L), can be used as a storage/living area bedroom. Large Omega Doors on each side provide cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. 
    • Sewn-in Dividing Walls with an Omega door separate each room. The Omega Door mesh and privacy screens can be tucked away neatly in a side pocket.


    • 100D HiCount Fabric Outer Fly - heavier and stronger than any other dome tent fabric. See Tent Waterhead and Fabric Weight Comparisons
    • Waterproofing - MINIMUM 3000 mm Waterhead (actually measured at 4500 mm)  Stay dry even in the most severe and persistent wet weather.
    • UV-PROTEK treatment of the outer fly fabric guarantees maximum resistance to fabric degradation from the damaging effects of UV light – gives a longer life to your camping home. 
    • DuraProof waterproofing formula maximises the coating resistance to abrasion so that the waterproofing on your tent alters very little through the years of unfolding, erecting and folding your tent.
    • StabilityPlus Pole Sleeves across the roof of the tent add stability and strength in severe weather, protecting your tent and poles. Sleeves hold the rib poles at the top of the tent - distributing weight evenly and minimising movement in the wind.
    • Durafine No-see-um Mesh – Fine, strong and hard wearing
    • Heat Taped Seams and specialised tent sewing threads to ensure maximum waterproofing, strength and durability.
    • Pole Sleeves across the roof of the tent maximising strength and stability.


    • Inner tent of breathable polyester minimises condensation inside the tent. 
    • Inner tent zippered privacy panels and mesh screening match the outer fly- the tent can be closed up from inside on cool nights. ALL windows and doors have privacy internal privacy panels.
    • Outer Fly matches the inner tent no matter which way the fly is put on – important for ease of erecting a large tent. 
    • Large Omega doors, are at each end of the tent and in the internal dividing wall.  Doors fully unzip to tuck away in a small storage pocket. Neat and compact! 
    • Durafine No-see-um Mesh on all doors and windows.
    • Large side awnings - formed by side the doors on each side of the front room. Zip to the three-pole awning to form a large all-round fly
    • Three Pole Awnings formed by poling out the two end doors of the Outer Fly. Outdoor Connection’s design three-pole awning forms a pitched structure so the awnings can be left up in the rain.  Four awning poles provided with the tent.
    • Electrical Cord Access -Zippered access with hooks for hanging LED along the peak seam and velcro tabs to neatly secure the cables.
    • Storage pockets sewn to the walls of the inner tent.
    • Door Locks for added security
    • ‘EziPak Drop-In’ Carry Bags with fold-over flaps.  Two compression straps with durable Snap-Lock buckles. No struggling to get the tent in the bag- just drop it in.  Two bags provided – one for the tent and one for the poles.