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Hey guys, gave our Galaxy its first camping test at Cania Gorge, had an awesome weekend and the tent was perfect, the room inside is incredible, was the perfect home away from home , so happy we grabbed this one and planning our next trip already. Cheers


Glenmore Park, NSW

The Galaxy tent is perfect for our family and we are very happy with the purchase. Looking forward to replacing allot of our older gear with Outdoor Connection equipment.

While I was away we had two other family members and three strangers that looked at the tent and decided to purchase the same thing or the Galaxy Plus. We also had a small gathering of people that stood around to see how easy it was to pull down on the last day. We even put it back up again quickly to show them how easy it was compared to their old full canvas models.


Just finished my first weeks camping trip with Aria 2 airpole tent. Thank you for great customer service. It was a breeze to setup and pack away. Loved the youtube video instructions. The tent went through 2 storms and high gust winds of 30-40 knots with no trouble at all.

Eddy B.

We were looking for a family tent that had the size, strength and features suitable for long stays, but also the ease and speedy setup suitable for touring. The Brampton ticked all the boxes and has been absolutely awesome. I watched the youtube setup video first and after one trip, my wife and I could set it up in around 20 mins. I wasn’t a seasoned camper so needed something that was simple and idiot proof. That it was. As for the camping experience, it had plenty of room, even to hang around in during wet weather allowing the kids to play games. No need for crouching, as we could all stand straight. We had moderate breeze and rain on one day and this thing had no issues at all. You can see and feel the amount of design, quality and features put into it. Even the bag is well designed with plenty of room and a separate bag for poles. Keen to try the extra awnings this summer. Can definitely see this tent lasting years till the kids grow up wanting their own tent. Very grateful that my wife found it on the product review website and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to enjoy their family tent.

M. Timmins

Purchased the Weekender tent about 5 years ago from Camping Country in Maroochydore. Have used it many times and totally love it. Awesome to have a tent I can stand in all around the floor area. And I can put it up myself with no assistance. I really put it through a good wind test between the 13th and 15th July at Bargara. Winds got up to 40+ Kms on the Friday night, but the tent hardly moved at all in those winds. Totally love the tent, and would totally recommend to anyone who is looking for a solid tent for 2/3 people.

Sarah Pinkster

Have used our new Air Tent 3 times now and it is sooo cool! Not only does it set up in under 10mins but it is huge! We are super happy with it!

Yvette C.

Ever since buying one of your tents about 9 years ago I have not bought any other brand because I haven’t found any better than your quality fabric materials, screens, zips & great designs that suit hot sandfly climates, as well as cooler climates. I own an Escape 4, & have had four Escape 3’s (only so many because I gave one to a needy man in Fiji & my mothers cat ripped another to shreds jumping on it & freaking out when it wasn’t a solid object haha!!)

I’ve slept in my new Escape 3 Plus for 4 nights now & I’m so happy! It gives me so much more head & leg room with the new inner wall reaching out to the vestibule. In the standard Escape 3, though I loved its quality, I always felt I couldn’t stretch out fully, but as soon as I got in the Plus I had full leg & body extension ahh. It also feels & looks so much more open, spacious & luxurious inside. The zip-down inner white floor ventilation screen covers are better, more snugly fitted than on The 3. The smaller loop for the plastic hook is better as I found The 3’s would gape & come undone sometimes. All-in-all I’m totally stoked! I hope the poles hold up better than in the past as I have found these & the more cramped interior space of the old Escape 3 to be the only let downs.

Thank-you clever designers for addressing & fixing the interior-cramped issue!! Awesome!!! Thank-you owners of the company & all staff at Outdoor Connection!! I believe your tents deserve an Award of Excellence. In a world camping industry filled with poor quality junk, I am so heartened to find one company with high integrity & high standards that make consistently great gear!!!! I always rave about your tents & recommend them to people as the best I have found & worth the money you spend.

Yvette C.

🌈your tents are the best!!🦋

🌸hi lovelies, I finally wrote a review on your tents. I posted it at Escape 3E on your website as I don’t have Facebook. However feel free to post or use it wherever you like😀. I wrote you an email in August 2017 which you replied to with warmth & good humour, thank you🌸. Your customer service has always been brilliant & you go that extra mile. You all deserve a well earned break & relax🏝. So awesome to have a company with high integrity & service!! I always recommend your tents to anyone interested. 👍🏼

🌼🕊I wish you all at Outdoor Connection great happiness & prosperity into the future as you deserve it. Here’s the review I posted at Escape 3E;

I bought the Escape 3 Plus in August 2017 so have had it almost 2 & a half years. It has seen hundreds of nights under the stars & is still going strong with all poles, zips & fabric in tact. This is my favourite tent of all time. The new 3E dome is longer in length than my 3 plus but looks virtually the same in all other respects. I camp A LOT! In my opinion Outdoor Connection make the highest quality tents on the market & deserve an award of excellence for the workmanship & quality of fabrics. They are an Australian company & their customer service is 10/10. Since buying my first O.C. Tent 10 years ago I am sold & have owned no other brand since.

🍀 Good luck & have fun you all! Yours sincerely Yvette🌸

Shayne Mexon

Thanks for the 4 Bar Power Strip Light Bar Kit. On opening I was blown away by the presentation and overall quality. Flexibility in configuring let me have two zones for my camper with 2x bars each zone running on separate switch/dimmers with more than enough connector cables. Great design, presentation and quality!

PS my wife and the kids loved the large touch sensitive on/off dimmer units.

Michael Borg

Camper Trailer Australia Field Editor

Just thought I’d let you know that your fold up dog bed would have to be the best dog bed option getting around in my opinion. I’ve tried all sorts of beds over the years; foam ones, hesham sacks etc but they’ve all got plenty of down falls. I’m currently in Cape York and can honestly say your fold up dog bed design has been great! It’s light weight, super easy to use and Zara the dog loves it. I’m impressed out how sturdy it’s been. I mean, I’ve been throwing it in and out of the camper trailers tool box every day or two, its been through copious amounts of bull dust followed by water crossing after water crossing and it’s still super simple and very smooth to set-up. In fact, it’s quicker and easier to set up than my camp chair! All in all its a great product guys, one I would recommend, and have already recommended to any dog owner I meet on the road.


We purchased the Galaxy tent and Coolum shelter and on our first camping trip we experienced some wet and winder weather. The tent was fantastic, very steady and bone dry inside. We have two young kids and the fact that the dividers between the rooms can be unzipped virtually to the floor means no tripping up and gives the tent a really open feel.

We had a slight issue with the shelter and the customer service was amazing. The retailer didn’t want to know but Outdoor Connection were brilliant. We will be looking at their other products.

Rachel D

I am writing to say thank you for making such a brilliant tent. We purchased your Bedarra tent after doing research on many other tents. The first time I used your tent was at the Australian Scout Jamboree which has just been for 14 nights. We had about 3 days of very heavy rain and not a single drop of this leaked into the tent. Unfortunately many others in different tents were not so lucky. We had put up the front door as an awning and attached the side wall panels to this. These sides worked much better than we expected in the heavy rain and wind.

The only problem we have had is with the toggles which hold the panels up for the windows/ The springs and some of the plastic in these were broken when we first put it up in the backyard. The camp store where we brought this from gave us replacement toggles which have worked fine.

Thanks for making such a brilliant tent. I can’t wait to use it again and would recommend your tents to anyone who is looking for one.

Kind regards,

Nathan C

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Outdoor Connection and in particular Peta for the most helpful service I have received. Misplaced parts have now been received and we are back ready for camping. On a side note I just have to say what an awesome tent the Brampton has been. The space is amazing and it has handled everything we have thrown at it so far. So easy to put up and take down too, just the best family tent and great value.


Murrie, ACT

Thanks very much for you help. I have a few of your products and they are all great gear. Your after sales service is also top notch.

Julian from Mt Eliza, Victoria

I just want to pass onto your company just how pleased we are with our purchase of your Brampton Tent. It’s a ripper. I picked it up late on a Friday evening, took it home and erected it, for the first time ever, in the dark easily and without a hitch. I left it erected for 26 days and slept in it for 21 of those nights. We had the complete range of weather, from cold still days to howling south westerly squawls to periods of heavy rain. The tent stood up to it brilliantly. Very quiet in the wind with very little tent body movement, dry as a bone in the rain, no condensation at all through the cold crisp nights … Just an incredibly comfortable tent.

We initially were looking at the black wolf twin turbo lite 300, but found it very claustrophobic inside. We then were shown one of your tents and were stocked to find just how roomy and spacious they were … The virtual cabin like walls and height made it a very easy and quick choice for us to buy your tent.

We could not be happier with our purchase.

Thankyou very much for making such a family friendly, roomy and comfortable tent. We look forward to many happy camping trips.

Carey and Mark

Chifley, ACT

Thanks for speedy reply. We got a Weekender Dome from Belconnen. What a great tent – great value for money. We found it was top rated in the recent Choice article – did you see it?

Matt from Victoria

Thank you so much for your detailed and very informative email. My family and I called all three suppliers and in the end went out to see Van Cruiser at Carrum Downs.

They had a Weekender up for display and the staff (Nicoletta and Chris) were positive and very knowledgable.

They were very patient and thorough and in the end we purchased one of your Bedarra tents. The size of the rear room and flexibility of the arrangement really suits our needs. I cannot speak highly enough of the people at Van Cruiser and cannot wait to try out your tent. Thank you for both the email below and for providing Van Cruiser’s details – I am sure we will be recommending both to all our friends and acquaintances, Regards

Chris H from WA

I finally made it to the Rockingham store and bought the Bedarra tent.

We have just returned from our first camping trip and am writing to let you know how pleased we are with our purchase. Apart from the very obvious quality of construction, I am very impressed by the small attention to detail that sets this tent apart from others I have owned. I kept noticing little bits and pieces stitched into seams all over the place. Kept me entertained for ages figuring out what they did, all very much part of the careful and well conceived design process.

Overall it is a spacious and flexible tent, we are looking forward to our next trip.

Thanks for your help in tracking down a display model to look at.

Ken Stenhouse

Hello Friends at Outdoor Connection

I would like to thank Outdoor Connections and Gatton Home Brew, Camping and Fishing for organizing to have the part for my 6m Gazebo bought to Gatton on Friday. As I use it every weekend and had a big day organized at Warwick Rodeo Market on Saturday, I just could not miss.

I would not hesitate to buy an Outdoor Connections gazebo again. I have had this one for about 5 years now and it has served me well.

A big thankyou everyone.

Hope you all have a rainbow day,


Brisbane, Qld

Thankyou for getting back to me so quickly, we picked up our Heron two room tent from Strathpine Camping World today. I took note of your brand after reading the review at CHOICE online, although we still looked at a fair few in stores as well. However we couldn’t go past the Outdoor Connections’ Heron tent for space, height and practicality for our climate. We will give the tent its first outing next weekend!

Damien from Victoria

I’ve been meaning to shoot you a line and update you on our short trip a while back.

We went down the great ocean road and had some wild weather on a few nights but the tent handled it without a problem.

I was a little worried the first night as we got quite a lot of rain and previous tents haven’t stayed dry. The Galaxy was bone dry in the morning (on the inside anyway!)

A couple of nights later we have some strong winds with some pretty extreme gusts – we were in a pretty exposed spot but once again the tent stood up.

One thing that would be very handy would be the awning side walls like you have for the Brampton etc… This would be awesome in either slight rain or hot sun to give you that little bit of extra shelter.

Finally, I would like to praise you for your customer service – I called up just before buying the galaxy and had a great 10min or so chat. No pressure selling or bulls**t – just good advice.

And my experience with emails has been just as good. Friendly service and genuine care always makes a big difference – thank you.

Chris (Brisbane)

Thank you so much for your help.

We are now the proud owners of the bunks thanks to great escape camping @ coopers plains. Cannot believe how easy to setup & store.

Appreciate the help


Windsor, NSW

Hello Peta , and thank you. We went to Kelly’s Camping on Sunday and got the Bedarra. My 5 year old put it up successfully for practice and next week we are off to Lake Eyre!

Gold Coast, Qld

Very recently I bought a Heron Tent, My wife and I are both in our late 50’s & we’ve used it twice, both in very differnt kinds of weather.

Just want to say that I know a good product when I see it & we are really happy with the tent, plenty big enough, uncomplicated design, easy to set up & pull down. I’ll be looking for more of your products when I need more accessories.


Wilton, NSW

We love our Brampton we bought it after camping with a borrowed two room tent a few weeks earlier, that helped us decide what we really wanted and needed for our own tent. We looked a lots but loved the head hight, space and amount of awning the Brampton provides and read a quite a few positive reviews about this tent. We watched the set up video which was great and we were able to set up the tent pretty quickly considering it was our first time. We tried it out for a short break this Anzac weekend, we had one full side and one end set up as the awning and even though the nights were cool and we had a little rain, we were comfortable and dry inside, when it came time to leave it was very easy to pack away too and great that the bag doesn’t have zippers to wrangle shut! Looking forward to many family adventures with our new tent!

Lael, NSW

Hello Outdoor Connection,

Thank you for letting me know that Bunyips sell your Weekender Dome! Bunyips is very nearby so will definitely go there! I actually did see the tent comparison in CHOICE and is why I contacted you to find out where to buy.
After having bad experiences in leaky tents, the 100 score for the rain test caught my eye!