Be part of the Outdoor Connection team and become a Brand Ambassador!

We view you, as an owner of Outdoor Connection products, to be a ‘steward’ of our brand – someone who constantly tests and, in using our products, displays and promotes them. We recognise and value your influence to create a positive impact in our community.

Outdoor Connection is a quality brand, uniquely designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions. Our attention to quality and detail ensures that your product lasts through the years and does not quickly end up as landfill. Importantly the product must not only last through the years, it must also ensure your comfort for enjoyable, stress-free camping holidays through all those years.

Camping people are a community. Our goal, with this program, is to tell stories through a series of images and videos, sharing your experiences to inspire, educate and encourage a broader audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

We therefore want to create a 'home' for you to share your camping adventures, feelings, and opinions – a place for your creative lifestyle photos, that show the good times and the great times to be had while camping.

Let rip with your creative instincts!


Learn more about Outdoor Connection's Ambassador program and how to apply.