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Door Locks

Internal clips on all doors clip the zipper tags together locking the door on the inside. A combination lock is provided to lock a door when you leave the tent. Door locks five added security at night when you leave your tent, and are unique to Outdoor Connection.


G'day I'm Sandy from Outdoor Connection. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about our door locks on our tents.

So on all our doors we have these little tags with a green clip on it so it just clips on there like that and that through the loops on the zips and now the zip can't be undone. So the benefit of this is that you can actually lock your tent up at night to give you a bit more security, and if you've got little ones it can stop them escaping.

So when you leave your tent if you have all the other doors locked, the one you leave, you can just use this little combination padlock that we supply to lock the tent when you leave.

We know someone could still break into the tent using a knife but that's a lot more obvious than someone just unzipping a tent, and it's a deterrent from people breaking into your tent.