Fair Dinkum Pricing

At Outdoor Connection, we're all about the simple pleasures of life, and we believe fair pricing should be one of them. That's why we practice 'Fair Dinkum Pricing' - a truly Australian approach to pricing that embodies integrity, honesty, and fairness.


Here's what that means in practice:


  • We believe in genuine product representation. The quality, features, and value of our products are exactly as described - no exaggerations or false promises. It's not just about selling the best quality camping gear, but selling it at a price that's as friendly as a campfire chat under the stars.


  • We don't inflate prices only to offer a supposed "discount" later. Our products are priced fairly from the start, reflecting the true value of what you're buying. We're proud to offer products that are not just top-notch in quality, but are also practical, reliable, and full of innovative features. And we think it's only fair to ask a price that reflects the true value of our goods, without sending your budget on a walkabout.


'Fair Dinkum Pricing' at Outdoor Connection means good value for every dollar spent, enhancing your shopping experience with us. Our promise to you is this – we'll always strive to offer the best possible price, just as we strive to offer the best possible camping gear. Because when you're out there enjoying the great Aussie outdoors, the last thing we want you to worry about is whether you've got a fair deal.


That's the Outdoor Connection way – fair dinkum products at fair dinkum prices. Shop with confidence, where we value your trust as much as your business."