Our Story

The company is owned by the McCormack family and actively managed by Bill and Sue McCormack.


Bill is the Managing Director and is originally from sheep/cattle/farming country in Western Queensland. An Agricultural Science degree, specialising in Agrostology, from the University of Queensland, together with a variety of Commerce and Economic subjects, were the foundation for a few years with the Department of Primary Industries in Charleville in a Regional Economist / Farm Management advisory role.


Sue grew up on an isolated plantation on New Ireland in PNG. Her early years were spent in a thatched roof house subject to tropical downpours every afternoon. She DOES know about rain on something other than a tiled roof! Shoes were not common! Again Sue developed an early love of the bush and the free and beautiful ways of nature. 


Sandy, our General Manager, was originally with, what was then, the Bank of New South Wales. Sandy eventually changed to the Camping Industry because he just loves camping. When you sit having a quiet beer with Sandy, around the fire, the conversation takes one of only two paths. 


Sam, the doyen of ball chasers, is the office mascot, part-time model, as well as the entertainment for the place. If you’ve got a ball in your hand you are Sam’s mate. He’ll watch you with those big eyes in breathless anticipation of your every move. 

Our key staff have all been with the business for quite some time. 


Pauline who is our Financial Manager is NOT the camping type. Never the less, her absolute passion for quality, in all parts of the company, is a major factor in the success of the Company over the years.


Peta came to work in the company in January 2011 and quickly became a highly regarded member of the team. She is a keen camper of long standing and has a history with Scouting. Peta is our great ‘problem solver’.

In addition we have quite a few other office, warehouse and field staff who are actively involved in the development of our products and who ensure that the product you receive is the best value and reaches you in the best condition.