Outdoor Connection Three Pole Awning

The Three Pole Awning is a great innovation unique to Outdoor Connection dome tents. Using a three pole awning attached to a dome tent means that the middle pole forms a ridge line along the awning allowing rain that is falling on the awning to run off to the sides. During wet weather you can leave the awning fully erect. No more cooped up inside just because of a bit of rain. You can comfortably sit or stand under the awning while enjoying the freshness that comes with nature’s great rejuvenator.

The awning is skilfully cut so that there are no sag points and an awning tightening strap ensures no sag that would normally naturally occur where the awning joins the tent.

Add in one or two awning side walls and you have a great outdoor space that provides both comfortable shade and shelter over an area that can measure up to 5.7  x  2.3 Meters.