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🚚 Orders into SA, NT and WA may incur delivery delays due to the current disruptions.
🚚 Orders into SA, NT and WA may incur delivery delays due to the current disruptions.

Outdoor Connection 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Outdoor Connection 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Outdoor Connection is an Australian family owned company selling quality tents used and designed by our design and support team. Outdoor Connection Tents are designed for Australian camping conditions and manufactured to the highest quality in order to withstand the ‘tuff stuff’.

So……when you purchase
  • If you don’t have the chance to walk around in the tent?
  • If you are not sure this is the right Outdoor Connection tent for you?
  • If you are not sure about erecting or taking it down?
  • If you have not had the chance to SEE and FEEL the quality we talk about for yourself?
Take advantage of our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. If, anytime within 30 days after buying your tent, you are not happy with your purchase, you can exchange the tent for another model more suited to your needs or get a full refund of the purchase price less a minimal handling charge.

If you have any queries, just get in touch with our helpful support team. They can either help you out until you get the results you need or arrange to give you a swift refund.


This quality Outdoor Connection tent is being sold to you in brand new condition for your approval and purchase. You are welcome to erect the tent and leave it up for a few hours, walk around in it, in order to confirm to your satisfaction, the quality, the features and the benefits of the tent.

Should you decide, after inspection, that you do not want to keep the tent, then Outdoor Connection should be immediately advised of your intention to return the tent. Outdoor Connection will then consult with you on how the tent is to be returned.

If the tent is to be returned to Outdoor Connection on our designated transport, it must be carefully packed in the original packaging and securely taped to ensure that there is no damage in transport. So make sure you retain your original packaging in good condition.
1.    All returns for refund or exchange must be authorized by Outdoor Connection. Complete our Satisfaction Guarantee Return Form belowOutdoor Connection Support staff will then contact you. A copy of the original Receipt will be required.

2.    In order to facilitate the return process please take the following photos while you have the tent erected
  • A photo of each side of the tent – front, back and each side
  • A photo of the inside of the tent
And after packing up the tent
  • A photo of the tent packed in its original packaging

    3.    No returns for refund or exchange will be accepted after 30 days from the purchase date including the transit time.

    4.    The tent must NOT be used for a trial camping experience. Return of the tent will not be accepted if, in the judgement of Outdoor Connection, this has occurred

    5.    Care MUST be taken to ensure that the tent remains in ‘as new’ condition. While Outdoor Connection is aware that a new tent, after erection, is no longer a brand new tent, the tent should remain ‘as new’, that is, clean with no damage. This is YOUR responsibility

    6.    In order to receive a full refund, items must be returned in original condition with their original packaging with all contents and accessories. Tents with accessories missing or damaged are not covered by our 30 Day Return Policy.

    7.    Care MUST be taken in the opening of the tent packaging. Sharp knives, carelessly used, can destroy the tent in an instant. A key, or some similar blunt tool, is ideal. Any damage will void your right to return the tent to Outdoor Connection.
    To open the carton:
    • ‘Cut’ the tape at the ends of the box – just with pressure with a key.
    • Lift the top of the box and start the cutting of the tape, that runs along the top of the box, from the underside ‘cutting’ AWAY from the actual tent. Once this is started, generally, fingers can be used to slide along the centre line to break the tape. If necessary, again, use the key from the underside.
    • If the packing carton has a length of tape running crosswise it will be necessary to ‘cut’ this with your key. Again, lift the top of the box and work from the underside, working away from the tent.

    8.    In erecting the tent, to ensure ‘as new’ condition is maintained, we recommend
    • WATCH our videos on the erection of the tent.
    • Erect the tent on a clear day when the incidence of rain is most unlikely. If rain looks imminent pull the tent down and pack it away. Do not erect the tent when there is the possibility of a storm occurring.
    • In order to protect the floor of the tent and avoid dirt being walked into the tent, erect the tent on the lawn or soft grass. Ideally spread a protective barrier, like a tarp, underneath the tent. Where the surface is a bit rough or not properly grassed a protective barrier is essential.
    • Place a ‘mat’ at the entrance for wiping feet before entering
    • Hard sole shoes MUST NOT be worn in the tent.
    • Do not leave the tent erected overnight.
    • Do not use the tent in a trial camping experience.

    9.    Do not leave the tent unattended.

    10.  Before attempting to take the tent down, WATCH our video on taking down the tent.
    • Do NOT take the tent down if it is moist in any way.
    • If the tent has been pitched on grass it is likely that the underside of the floor will be wet. Dry the underside of the floor with a towel or towels.
    • Thoroughly sweep and clean the tent before taking it down
    • Ensure the tent is tightly rolled so that it will fit back in the original packaging. The return of the tent will not be accepted if it is not in the original packaging.
    • Make sure the packaging is well taped with strong adhesive packing tape (50 mm) to ensure safe transportation. The Outdoor Connection will not accept damage to the product caused by the inadequate repackaging of the product
    11.  Contact Outdoor Connection to arrange a pick-up time. This should be a time when a person is available at the designated address for pickup by the transport company representative and to sign the return Consignment note. Any extra cost as a result of failure to meet the mutually agreed pick-up time will be charged to you.

    12.  On receipt of the tent at Outdoor Connection, it will be inspected by Outdoor Connection staff to ensure that these terms and conditions have been met. On approval that the terms and conditions have been met, the customer will be advised of such approval. The customer will be credited the amount deposited by the customer for the tent less the agreed return freight costs and any other costs associated with any of the terms and conditions not being met.

    By purchasing this product you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


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