Three Pole Dome Tent Awning

The Outdoor Connection Three Pole Dome Tent Awning is constructed by poling out the door of the tent. The specific Outdoor Connection design of the Three Pole Awning means that the awning on your tent can be left erected when it is raining. The rain will run off to the sides. You can still enjoy The Great Outdoors even when it is wet.

Tents that have a two pole flat awing will pool water during rain and must be either lowered down close to the ground or closed as a door. Pooling of water in the awning can cause permanent damage to the tent.


Adjustable Awning Poles

Adjustable awning poles  supplied with the tent add versatility to set your awning at different heights to assist rain run off and prevent pooling of water in your awning

Optional Side Walls

Add the optional Side Walls to the awning for even more shade, comfort and space.