Outdoor Connection Breakaway Wanderer 3P Dome Tent
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Outdoor Connection Breakaway Wanderer 3P Dome Tent


A great value tent for the overnight or short stay!  Compact and easy to erect in just a couple of minutes.  Ideal for an overnighter for singles or couples but may sleep up to three persons.  Front and Rear T-Doors for easy access and great ventilation. The doors fully screened with quality Durafine No-See-Um insect screening.
The Breakaway Wanderer 3P is manufactured to the same high quality standards as all other more expensive Outdoor Connection tents. It is NOT cheaply manufactured – Just down-specified a little as compared to our more expensive ranges.



Quality everyone can afford

The Wanderer 3P dome tent dome offers all the best in Outdoor Connection manufacturing quality but designed to provide a great tent for those wanting a great value better quality 3P overnighter.

  • 180 (W) x 200(L) x 120(H) cms – all measurements are internal.
  • Front AND rear doors for great ventilation – absolutely essential in smaller tents.
  • Quick and easy set-up crossover fibreglass poles


  • Size 3P 180(W) x 200(L)
  • Height 120 cms.


  • Manufactured in the same factory to the same quality standard as more highly specified Outdoor Connection tents.
  • Waterproofing of the outer Fly with a 1000 mm Waterhead – sufficient for overnight moderate rain.  Outdoor Connection’s Duraproof coating formula makes the Fly resistant to abrasion.
  • Heat taped seams
  • UV-PROTEK treatment of the outer fly fabric guarantees maximum resistance to fabric degradation from the damaging effects of UV light offering longer life to your camping home.
  • Stability Plus Pole sleeves for the inner tent poles to provide greater stability in wind and an overall stronger tent. Sleeves distribute the weight of the tent over the whole width of the roof.  This quality construction is in contrast to other brands where a few Hooks hold the roof of the tent to the poles. This ‘Hook’ suspension is the cheap way where the weight is all centred on a FEW POINTS and the tent is more or less free to wave around in the wind stressing both the tent and the poles.
  • Durafine No-see-um Mesh is featured for all windows and doors to keep the midges and mosquitoes out.
  • Quality Tub PE Floor to stop moisture entry at ground level or rising through the floor on damp ground.


  • Large T-Door front AND rear for great ventilation.  Absolutely essential for comfort in small-sized tents where both condensation and fresh air are issues that must be considered.
  • Durafine No-See-Um Mesh on doors
  • Privacy screens on both the front and rear doors providing privacy and better control of ventilation through the tent.  The privacy screens zip up on the inside of the tent.


  • Floor Size: 200 (L) x 180(W) x 125(H) – all dimensions are measured internally

Tent Fabric Outer Fly:

  • HTS Protek1000 Outer Fly fabric. High Tensile Strength.
  • Duraproof coating formulation also ensures high abrasion resistence of the waterproofing so that as your tent ages, and suffers abrasion from the normal use of erecting and folding away, your water resistance alters very slowly.
  • UV Protek additives protect your tent against the weakening effect of UV degradation.


  • HTS Protek2000 Outer Fly fabric waterproofed to 1000mm MIMIMUM.
  • Outdoor Connection Duraproof coating formulation also ensures high abrasion resistence of the waterproofing so that as your tent ages, and suffers abrasion from the normal use of erecting and folding away, your water resistance alters very slowly.
  • Heat Taped seams.

Inner Tent

  • Fabric: 68D Breathable polyester to minimise condensation collection inside the tent living space. Condensation can be a real issue inside a small tent.
  • Privacy screens on front and rear doors so that you can control the air flow through the tent.


  • Front and rear T-Doors providing a large screen area for ventilation.

Pole Sleeves

  • Stability Plus Pole Sleeves over the roof of the tent add strength and stability protecting the tent itself and the pole system.

Pole System:

  • Crossover fibreglass pole system for quick and easy erection.
  • 2 x 6mm Fibreglass poles
  • 1 x 5mm Fibreglass pole.

Sewing Thread:

  • Highest quality sewing thread available used to ensure maximum strength and waterproofing. Waterproofing of polyester tents requires a special thread. The Brampton features the use of Coates 100% cotton Dual Duty thread. This is a three heads spun thread with three separate cotton threads spun together. This gives maximum strength. Cotton swells when it gets wet and this fills up the small needle holes made in the manufacturing process.
  • Outdoor Connection actually manufactures tents (other models) so we know what we pay special attention to these small details!

Floor Material:

  • Waterproof PE Floor providing waterproofing without creating excess weight.


  • Heavy Duty Coil No 8 zips ae a feature of all doors for long lasting durability.
  • Windows have finer No 5 zips where less strength is required but a finer zip adds to protection from intrusion of wind and rain.

Pack Weight and Size

  • Pack Size: 62 x 14 x 14 cms
  • Pack weight: 2.8 Kilos


  • 12 Months warranty against all manufacturing faults.