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Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo Frame Only

Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo Frame Only


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The Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo is designed for rugged commercial use and industrial situations. The robust construction grade Aluminium frame combines the best of strength to weight. Designed to withstand very adverse conditions while still being of manageable weight.

The frame will not rust and will stay looking like new throughout the life of the gazebo.

The roof of the Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo is made from UP50+, fade resistant, long lasting, waterproof fabrics. Your Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo will stay strong and look great for many years.
It is an ideal Gazebo shelter for heavy duty use in rugged industrial and mining situations while still being a sufficiently lightweight choice for commercial use, such as at markets, schools, and businesses that really want to impress.



  • Description
  • Product Details
  • Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo 3m x 3m

    Heavy Duty Commercial Gazebo with an extra-strong but lightweight aluminium frame suitable for rugged commercial, industrial, markets or mining use.
    Ideal for use in situations where the gazebo needs to be able to withstand conditions that are more rugged or exposed. Especially ideal for beach environment use with a strong frame that will not rust. Outdoor Connection robust design and manufacturing quality results in the best Gazebo and the best value in a Gazebo for heavy commercial and industrial use.


    • Strong rugged Aluminium frame giving the best combination of strength and lighter weight- check the specifications
    • Hexagon shaped Legs for greater all-round lateral strength (superior to square legs)
    • High peak giving maximum coolness on hot sunny days
    • Five height adjustments to allow maximum adjustment for different weather conditions – minimum height when it is raining and windy, maximum height when it is sunny and hot – and all the variations between
    • Commercial grade extra rugged Nylon fittings for strength and long term durability
    • Easy robust Ring Pull button for easy height adjustment


    • Fabric weight of 300 gsm
    • Waterproofing 1000 mm
    • Lap-felled seams for maximum strength and waterproofing. Lap-felled seams are much stronger and more waterproof than externally bound roof line seams
    • Seams are heat taped on the underside to ensure waterproofing
    • Velcro sewn continuously along the bottom border of the valance. The walls can be attached with an even strong attachment. The walls then look straight and secure. A good neat look – Not the poor ‘hangdog’ look of short velcro tabs. This can be particularly important in wet weather



    • Fabric 230 gsm
    • Waterproofing 1000 mm Waterhead
    • Mesh or solid panel, that attach with continuous Velcro to the underside of the canopy
    • End zips on each panel so that the panels zip together to make one continuous wall around the Gazebo
    • All walls have a centre zip down door
    • Walls tie to the poles for extra strength and stability


    • Allow 2 or more Gazebos to be joined together so that water does not drip down between the joined Gazebos
    • Continuous Velcro for secure attachment as well as fabric ties
    • Graded depth so that water runs off to one side


    • Can be used where Gazebos cannot be pegged and guy roped down
    • Also useful for extra stability for beach use. Note that for beach use good quality sand pegs should be bought and used
    • Oxford polyester bags that conveniently attach to the poles of the gazebo
    • Compact and convenient for the weight. Each two compartment bag weighs about 15kg
      Extreme care needs to be taken. The wind forces on a Gazebo canopy and walls can be severe even at apparently low wind speeds
  • Additional information

    Size: 3.0 Metres X 3.0 Metres
    Peak Height: 3.082 M to 3.380 M
    Peak Height above height of the side frame: 996 mm

    Commercial grade aluminium frame
    Commercial grade aluminium frame

    Upper Leg – Diameter – 50mm (56mm)
    Lower Leg: Diameter – 44mm (50mm)
    Measurement is for hexagonal measured flat surface to flat surface.
    (xx) is corner to corner measurement as SOME quote.

    Wall Thickness – 2.0mm
    Remember If you have 1/2 the wall thickness (1mm) means 1/2 the strength of the leg.strength)

    Struts – (26 x 13mm) x 2.0mm wall thickness
    Wall thickness and thus strength is particularly important for struts.

    Joints and Fittings
    Cast Alloy Leg fittings
    Commercial grade nylon fittings used on strut joiners.

    Adjustable Height
    5 height positions for stability on uneven ground and maximum adjustment in different weather conditions.
    Apex Height: 3082 – 3380mm
    Wall Height including the valance: 2086 to 2384 mm

    Frame: 38 Kg
    Canopy: 5.6 Kg

    Pack Size
    158 x 34 x 34cm

    Supplied with guy ropes, pegs and carry bag with wheels

    Available Sizes
    Available in 3 x 3m and 6 x 3m

    Range of canopies, walls and accessories available

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