Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Dome Tent


The Outdoor Connection Galaxy is truly Australia’s premium quality family tent designed to maximise the enjoyment of your family holiday.  The Galaxy offers space ‘out of this world’ with three extra large rooms and high roofline running the full length of the tent.   The Hybrid Pole system, with a square centre structure, makes this large tent very strong and stable while also being very simple and easy to erect.

Four large ‘Floor to Eave’ windows and four large Omega doors open to the outside world to give maximum ventilation and cooling for hot Australian summer nights.

The three side wall panels/door covers on each side can be erected and zipped together as a single long awning providing extra shade. The large end doors can also be erected as three pole awnings and can have the Optional Awning Side Walls fitted for extra shade or protection – a real homestead with extensive shady verandahs!

Internal windows & door covers, that zip upwards from the bottom, ready privacy and also provide protection from drafts on cold winter nights.

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  • Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Dome Tent

    Family Tent with three large bedrooms

    The Galaxy three room family tent that is the most spacious family tent available offering all the best in manufacture and design to ensure your family holiday is as good as you wish for.

    • Spacious 305(W) x 720(L) x 215 (H) cms.
    • Side walls are very straight and high giving plenty of ‘walk-around’ space inside the tent with lots of headroom. Large awnings complement the feeling of cool comfort on your family holiday


    The CHOICE tent comparison of September 2011 awarded the Outdoor Connection Weekender Tent the highest score in the “What to Buy” results. The Galaxy shares the same design and fabric qualities as the Weekender as well as the ‘easy to erect’ Hybrid Square pole system. This pole structure provides strength and stability, creating excellent headroom and internal space while being simple and quick to erect.


    • Each end bedroom is  305 (W) x 240(L) cms with straight walls that do not taper at the ends. This maximises internal space providing lots of ‘walk-around’ headroom not found in any other brand of tent. Each end bedroom has large Side Windows providing cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. A large Omega screen door at each end of the tent rounds off your all-around comfort.
    • The middle room is also a full 305(W) x 240 (L) and can be used as a storage/living area or as a bedroom. Each end bedroom has large Side Windows, with a screen from floor to eave, providing cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. A large Omega screen door at each end of the tent rounds off your all-around comfort.
    • Sewn-in Dividing Walls with an Omega door separate each room. The Omega Door mesh and privacy screens can be tucked away neatly in a side pocket.


    • 100D HiCount fabric Outer Fly. This fabric is much heavier and stronger than any other dome tent fabric. See Tent Waterhead and Fabric Weight Comparisons
    • Waterproofing with a MINIMUM 3000 mm Waterhead (actually measured at 3000mm) so you stay dry even in the most severe and persistent wet weather.
    • UV-PROTEK treatment of the outer fly fabric guarantees maximum resistance to fabric degradation from the damaging effects of UV light offering longer life to your camping home.
    • Durafine No-see-um Mesh is featured for all windows and doors to keep the midges and mosquitoes out.
    • Pole Sleeves across the roof of the tent maximising strength and stability.


    • Inner tent is breathable polyester for extra comfort and minimizing condensation inside the tent. The Inner tent has its own zippered privacy panel and mesh screening to match that on the outer fly. So that, while you have great ventilation, the tent can also be closed up from the inside if the night turns cool.

    • Remember a family of four may produce more than half a litre of condensation in a night so ventilation and breathability of the inner tent is important

    • Privacy Screens zip from the floor upwards on the full-length side windows so that you can control the air flow into the tent.
    • Large Omega doors, with both privacy panel and insect screen, are at each end of the tent as well as in the dividing walls between the bedrooms. These doors can be fully unzipped and tucked away in a storage pocket at the side. Very neat and compact! The Omega door can also be zipped partly up from the bottom to control air flow.
    • Durafine No-see-um mesh and privacy screens on all doors and windows.
    • All doors and windows can be closed from inside the tent
    • Large awnings are formed by side the doors on each side of the tent.  The door covers can be poled out and used as individual awnings or zipped together to form one long continuous awning along each side.
    • Three Pole Awnings are formed by poling out the two end doors. Outdoor Connection’s three pole awning forms a pitched structure so the awnings can be left up in the rain.
    • Optional Side Walls are available for these three pole awnings. Side walls can be attached to either or both sides of the awning and be poled out to form a great extra large awning in fine weather or pegged down for extra protection under the tent awning in wet or breezy weather.
    • EziPak Drop-In’ Carry Bag with fold-over flaps. Two compression straps with durable Snap-Lock buckles. No more struggling to get the tent in the bag.
  • Design:
    Three room family cabin dome tent with fully sewn-in dividing walls separating the three extra large bedrooms.
    All doors and windows, including the large Omega door in the sewn-in dividing wall, have privacy screens.
    Sizes are all internal measurements.
    Floor: 305(W) x 240+240+240 (L) cms.
    Peak Height: 215 cms
    Height at eaves:
    Size at eaves:
    End bedrooms (305(W) x 240(L)cms have large windows and a large Omega door that opens out to form a large three pole awning..
    Middle bedroom 305(W) x 240(L) cms features two large fully screened Omega side doors providing great cross-flow ventilation
    Side and end walls are very near vertical and high giving plenty of ‘walk-around’ space inside the tent with lots of headroom. The tent remains the same height over its full length.
    High peak height and the tall near vertical sidewalls provide an overall feeling of comfortable cool space.
    Sleeves hold the rib poles at the top of the tent. This distributes the weight evenly and minimises the movement of the tent in wind.

    Tent Fabric Outer Fly:
    100 Denier HiCount 130 Grams per Sq M (GSM) with exceptional TEAR STRENGTH to be secure in even the roughest weather. See Tent Waterhead and Fabric https://outdoorconnection.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Tent-Waterhead-Fabric-Weight-Camparisons.pdf
    Outdoor Connection's unique UV Protek treatment helps protect your fabric against degradation from UV Light significantly extending the life of your tent.
    UV Protek formulation also ensures high abrasion resistence of the waterproofing so that as your tent ages, and suffers abrasion from the normal use of erecting and folding away, your water resistance alters very slowly.

    3000 mm (Minimum) Waterhead. Actually measured at more than 4500mm. Staying dry and comfortable in the heaviest and most persistent rain.
    Heat taped seams.

    Inner Tent:
    Fabric: 68D Breathable polyester to minimise condensation collection inside the tent living space.
    Dividing Walls between the three bedrooms are all sewn in with large Omega Durafine Mesh doors with privacy screens that can be opened to make a large room.
    The privacy screens on all doors and windows can be zipped up from the base so that you can control the air flow through the tent or have completely closed in cold weather.
    Very large windows and doors for superior ventilation

    Pole System:
    Fibreglass Poles: 12.5mm
    Steel Poles: 19mm
    Square hybrid pole system for strength and stability. The system features a centre square fibreglass system with four steel support poles. The Square provides rigidity and stability for the whole tent. The two bedrooms on each side are supported by a simple single fibreglass pole supported on each side by a steel pole.
    Very simple and easy to erect.
    Pin and Ring system to attach the poles to the tent.

    Sewing Thread:
    Highest quality sewing thread available used to ensure maximum strength and waterproofing. Waterproofing of polyester tents requires a special thread. The Galaxy features the use of Coates 100% cotton Dual Duty thread. This is a three heads spun thread with three separate cotton threads spun together. This gives maximum strength. Cotton swells when it gets wet and this fills up the small needle holes made in the manufacturing process.
    Outdoor Connection actually manufactures tents (other models) so we know what we pay special attention to these small details!

    Floor Material:
    PE Floor 175 Grams per Sq Metre (GSM) provides maximum waterproofing and durability without creating too much weight.

    High Quality Coil No 8 zips ae a feature of all doors for long lasting durability.
    Coil No 5 zips are used on windows where less strength is required and the tighter coil inhibits water and wind entry to the tent.

    Doors and Windows:
    Omega doors are double slide round doors that can be be folded away in a side pocket – neat and compact. The privacy screens can be zipped from the base upwards so that air low can be controlled.
    The privacy screens on the bedroom side windows also zip from the base upwards for best climate control.

    Tent Awnings:
    Large three pole awning at each end of the tent, with optional side walls, provides a comfortable outside living area that, because of the peak created, can be left standing during rain periods. You can still enjoy the Great Outdoors even when it is raining.
    Four adjustable awning poles are supplied with the tent. More awning poles will be required if you want to pole out more than one side awning or one end awning.
    All window and door covers along each side of the tent can be poled out as awnings or joined together to make one continuous awning along each side.

    Extra peak and wall height provide a spacious cool environment. The high walls and roof extend the full length of the tent giving a complete 'walk through' The higher the roof the further you are away from the heat and the more chance the windows and doors have to perform their cooling effect.
    Large doors and windows complete the feeling of having lots of cool space. With the large awnings forming a verandah all round this is a real 'country homestead'.
    Plenty of storage pockets are sewn to the walls of the inner tent

    Power Lead Access
    Power lead access with hooks internally for the power cord and the light.

    Door locks
    Door Locks are provided for added security. This simple design lock obviously does not prevent someone 'breaking in' to your tent. However they do guard against the casual visitor walking in and nonchalantly removing your valuables.

    Carry Bag:
    Carry Bag Size
    Tent: 84 x 40 x 40 cms
    Poles: 79 x 16 x 18 cms
    Outdoor Connection's unique EziPak 'drop-in' flap over carry bag with compression straps means no more struggling to fit the tent back in the bag. Just roll the tent up comfortable tightly and drop it back into the carry back. Tighten the straps with the snap-lock buckles and you are packed up ready to go home.

    Weight total: 43.9 Kg
    Packed in two separate 'Ezt-Pak' Bags for easier carrying
    Tent Bag:: 29.7 Kg
    Pole Bag: 14.2 Kg