Outdoor Connection Tanbar Air Tent
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The Tanbar Air is an  Inflatable Air Pole Instant Up one-room canvas tent with Air pole Technology.  A spacious ‘couples’ tent that is ideal for use as a This rugged canvas Tourer makes a great temporary home for  overnight stays on long trips, a Weekender, or for a longer stay. Quicker and easier to erect than traditional poled ‘Instant Up’ tents, this canvas tent is far more rugged and durable.

A spacious one-room tent with plenty of space for sleeping and storage. High straight sidewalls provide plenty of ‘walk-around’ headroom. No more bending over when you walk around in your tent. Large awning with optional side walls completes your feeling of cool comfort.

Outdoor Connection Tanbar Air Tent

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Outdoor Connection – Quality you can see feel and trust


The Tanbar Air is a new Inflatable Instant Up Air Pole one room canvas tent.  Spacious, full height, large awning and plenty of space for a comfortable over-night or extended stay.

  • Spacious 205 (H) x 280(L) x 300(W) cms plus awning. Side walls are very straight and high giving lots of ‘walk-around’ space inside the tent with lots of headroom. The large awning complements the feeling of cool comfort.
  • Set-up time, ‘from bag to ready to move in’, can be less than five minutes. Great for an overnight stay!
  • Canvas 230 GSM Fabric so that only one layer of tent fabric is required. Tourer style tent but easier to erect and much more livable space.


  • Canvas Poly/Cotton 65/35, 230 GSM. Strong, hard wearing, durable, waterproof canvas
  • Durafine No-See-um mesh
  • Air Poles are formed by a bladder of tough high-quality TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) enclosed within a “Dura Sleeve” of laminated bonded polyfabric. Erected is pressure is 7 to 8 PSI forming a rigid stable Air Pole that easily supports the tent.


  • Front D-Door with ultra-fine Durafine mesh screen and internal privacy screen. The outer Canvas door forms the awning
  • Large Side Windows for coolness and comfort. Privacy screens that zip upwards from inside the tent letting you have good control of your sleeping environment. The tent can be closed up in cold weather.
  • Outdoor Connection ‘Ventraflow’ panels provide cool air and breathability low down where you sleep. The large window and Ventraflow panel means that you have ventilation from floor to the eaves of the tent. The privacy screen on the inside of the panel zips from the floor upwards so you can control the amount of air entering the tent.
  • Rear window for all-round ventilation. The gussets on the outside widow cover allow the window to be pegged out for ventilation even when it is raining.
  • Durafine No-see-um ultra fine mesh for protection against midges and mosquitoes
  • Large three pole awning for shade and comfort with the three poles giving the awning pitch allowing water to run off in the rain.
  • Optional awning side walls, with continuous Velcro strips for ultra-secure attachment, can be attached to complete your feeling of comfort and space. The side walls can be poled out to make a greater protected shade area or tied down for a windbreak in poor conditions.
  • Easy Pack Drop-in’ Carry Bag for easy packing away.


  • Inflatable spacious one-room canvas dome tent. High peak height and tall near vertical sidewalls provide an overall feeling of comfortable cool space. A large three pole awning with optional side walls provides a comfortable outside living area that can be left standing in adverse conditions. Large windows and doors all round with Ventraflow panels for extra airflow at sleeping/bed level.


  • Floor Size: 300 (L) x 280(W) +large awning.
  • Peak Height: 205 cms
  • Eave Measurement: 181(W) x 130(L) x 173(H) cms
  • Wall Height: 173 cms
  • Awning Length – Head Height 242 cms
  • From front of the inner tent floor – 161 cms
  • Awning Width: 187 cms

Tent Fabric:

  • Canvas 65/35 Polyester Canvas. 230 GSM with anti-abrasion formulation, mould and rot resistant waterproofing treatment.


  • PVC coated woven polyester for superior waterproofing and wear. 'Bucket ' design for extra proofing in severe conditions.


  • Highest quality sewing thread available used to ensure maximum strength and waterproofing. Waterproofing of polyester/cotton canvas tents requires a special thread. The Tanbar Air features the use of Coates 100% cotton Dual Duty thread. This is a three heads spun thread with three separate cotton threads spun together. This gives maximum strength. Cotton swells when it gets wet and this fills up the small needle holes made in the manufacturing process.
  • Outdoor Connection actually manufactures tents so we know what we are doing!

Doors and Windows

  • Front door: Size: 184(H) x 160/114(W) cms
  • A large D-Door for ease of use and maximum ventilation.
  • Side windows: Size: 158(W) x 103(H) cms
  • Large deep zip-down side windows with Velcro anti-flap tabs.
  • Ventraflow Panels: Outdoor Connection designed and introduced the Ventraflow panels as a result of our experience of sleeping in the heat
  • of outback Queensland. Ventraflow panels provide air down where you sleep making for a much more pleasant
  • environment.
  • Back Window: A fully back widow completes the ventilation on all sides. Full length gussets mean the window can be left open even
  • in extreme conditions.
  • Privacy screens: All windows and doors have privacy screens that can be zipped up from inside the tent.


  • Front D-Door has No 8 zips and windows have a finer No 5 zip for protection against water intrusion in wet windy conditions.

Electrical Cord Access

  • Zippered access for electrical cords. Hanging hooks for LED along the peak seam.


  • Extra peak and wall height provide a spacious relatively cool environment. The higher the roof the further you are away from the heat. Large doors and windows complete the feeling of having lots of room. The large three pole awning and optional sidewalls really turn this quick and easy to erect tent into a genuine comfortable cabin even in adverse weather conditions.

Carry Bag

  • Outdoor Connections unique 'drop-in' flap over carry bag with compression straps means no more struggling to fit the tent back in the bag. Just roll the tent up comfortable tightly and drop it back into the carry back. Tighten the straps with the snap-lock buckles and you are packed up.

Pack Size and Weight

  • Pack size: 78 x 35 x 35 cms
  • Weight: 27.6 Kg including all pegs and poles.


  • Manufacturers Warranty of three years against defects in manufacture or materials.